Frequently asked questions

How many people can participate in the game?

Escape game designed for 2-5 people.


Who do you recommend the game for?

It is recommended for everyone who likes team games, breaking of secrets, brain storming. So it is perfect free time activities for friends, families, teams, corporations, and tourists.


What is the best age to come?

Age from 16-99 years. Adult supervision is required age under 16!


Is the game safe?

The game is exciting but perfectly safe. It is continuously under supervisioned by the game masters.


Is it scary?

The games are totaly not scary. It’s focusing for the fun and the hidden objects.


Is there any animal inside?

There is not part of any kind of animals in the game.


How long is the playing time?

The game time is 60 minutes.


Do we need any special skills f.e. language skill?

Language skills are not necessary because most of the mysteries are solvable with logical ways.


Is it physically demanding?

Not at all! You should use only your brain instead of your physically strength.


Is necessarily any special dress or equipment?

There is no need any special cloth or equipment.


Can I take some photos inside?

Any photo, video taken inside the rooms are strictly prohibited.


What happen if we are delay?

Please, try to arrive on time because we have a very strict timetable. Maybe give yourself some plus time to find us that you will be sure where is our location. This would be the first clue!


Why need to fill an application form before the game?

If you want to conquer our rooms you have to be a part of our association witch is free of charge. With this application you accept the Escape Rome Assosiation rules! Our data base is totally safe according to Italian law about privacy (d.lgs. n. 196/2003) and our policy doesn’t allow any kind of communication to our members such as email or publicity. One of the most important goals of Escape Rome is to protect data and privacy of our members.