We are in the news!

07 Feb

Io Donna magazine wrote about us!  Adventure room: parchi a tema in miniatura, con enigma  


Valentine's Day is coming!

02 Feb

Get ready guys not only with the roses!   If you want to present something special to your love for this Valentin's Day, give experiance with the roses! Book a game to one of our room and both of you will be amazed! :-) Try us! 


Here we are in Rome!

07 Jan

Hello beautiful Italy, boun giorno Roma!   Hereby we will give you some infos about ourself and what are we doing this thing? And what is this about? And why we've choosen Italy? Mostly in english...      


Who we are?

30 Oct

We are some enthusiastic escapers from all over this beautiful World. We belive in the FLOW (Mihály Csíkszentmihályi) and the positive psichology. We wanna show for the people there is exist the real flow, the real teamwork in our grey life. So we decided to make some different activity in Rome. We established the Escape Rome Association in 2014. We are partnership with other associations and companies and the Universities in Rome ( Sapienza, Torvergata, Erasmus in Campus). Our goal is to represent the power of the teamwork! We have been making continuously scientific research with HR managers and psichology students. Hope, we can share our result on our sites. If you wanna know more about our scientific acticity, just come to us and have a chat with us about the real flow!

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